We bring innovative and sustainable ideas to create real solutions to some of our community's most difficult problems --- affordable housing, neighborhood sustainability, and community & economic development. We provide planning and program services to non-profit organizations, public entities, as well as private developers involved in public-private partnerships.

We work hard to ensure that communities maximize their ability to secure long-term affordable housing, to ensure that residents find jobs and start businesses, and to ensure that the proper training and services are available to help people be successful. Affordable housing, real estate development and planning initiatives are in our wheelhouse.

Affordable HousiNG, Community & Economic Development, Neighborhood Engagement, Planning initiatives

Email, phone, and text phishing scams are becoming more frequent. Please review our Privacy Policy regarding methods of communication and requests for payment information. 

Community Wheelhouse does not accept payments directly from clients. We will never call you or email you with payment instructions, including credit card, wire or ACH. 

If you are in the process of buying a home, have already purchased a home, or looking for a rental home, please verify all requests for personal information or any payment request in person or via a trusted contact and verified phone number. 

If you do receive a suspicious phone call or email asking for your personal, payment, or bank information, do not respond. These requests may be part of an email spoofing and phishing scam. Hackers are sending emails that appear to be from a bank, title company, or another service provider with fake wiring instructions. 

You are encouraged to call Community Wheelhouse by phone with any questions or concerns about a request for your banking or other private information at 512-900-3683 ext. 112. 

If you believe you may be the victim of identity theft, you can report identity theft and get a recovery plan from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission which may be found online at http://www.identitytheft.gov/. This website also provides helpful tips and free resources to help you protect your personal information.




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