1.  Copies of paycheck stubs for the most recent 2 months, or other documentation of wages, salary, etc.  Check your paystub dates to make sure you are including 2 months, as pay frequency varies.

2.  For individuals who are self-employed:  Individuals who are self-employed must submit six (6) consecutive months' worth of personal bank statements, at a minimum.  Each bank statement must include the name of the applicant/resident, name of the banking establishment, the reporting period and all pages.  These statements will be used to document income in combination with other documentation, as needed. 

3.  Provide documentation of periodic payments received from Social Security, annuities, insurance policies, retirement funds, pensions, disability or death benefits, and other similar types of periodic receipts, including a lump-sum amount or prospective monthly amounts for the delayed start of a periodic payment.  Do not include deferred periodic amounts from SSI and Social Security benefits that are received in a lump sum amount or in prospective monthly amounts.       

4.  Provide documentation of unemployment benefits and disability compensation, worker’s compensation and severance pay.  Do not include lump sum additions to family assets, such as inheritances, insurance payments (including payments under health and accident insurance and worker’s compensation), capital gains and settlement for personal or property losses.

5.  Provide proof of "Housing Choice Voucher" award that includes the rental payment amount.  The award amount will be annualized and will be included as income when determining eligibility.     
6.  Provide proof of amount of periodic and determinable allowances:  child support payments, spousal support/alimony payments, and regular contributions or gifts received from persons not residing in the household such as such as parents, grandparents, guardians, friends, etc.                                                                                                             
7.  Copies of the most recent IRA, Keogh, retirement, and pension fund account statements.                                                                                               
8.  Value of real property, personal property held as an investment such as gems, jewelry, coin collections, antique cars, NFTs, etc.                                                                            
9.  Copies of financial aid statements and tuition statements.  Tuition will be subtracted from income.                                                                                            
10.  Provide documentation of unemployment benefits, if applicable or complete FORM C - "Zero Income Certification."                   

11.  The City of Austin requires that you provide the Deposit Detail Form, if required. Please see Eligibility Instructions.      

12.  The City of Austin reserves the right to request additional documentation in order to determine household income.  There may be instances where documentation may not be sufficient to determine income.  In these cases, eligibility will be determined on a case by case basis.